Lafayette, IN Furnace Repair 101

You start your car ten minutes before you have to leave for work to ensure that it is nice and toasty when you get inside. Your home stays at a comfortable 70 degrees. Living in Indiana, the winters can get bitter and last unbearably long. Having your furnace regularly maintained is important when you love to stay cozy in the frigid weather. At Schomers Plumbing we want to make sure you and your family stay warm in the winter. We want to provide you with some helpful tips regarding your furnace in the wintertime.

Lafayette, IN Furnace Repair Tips

When it comes to your furnace you may not be completely knowledgeable in how to fix any occurring problems. If your thermostat is set to 70 but it feels like 50, there could be a couple problems you may not know about that are easily fixed. Our licensed, professional staff has the experience under their belts to give you some tips that anyone can do around their home, whether they’re confident with DIY repairs or not! There are numerous things that can be done to keep your family happy, warm, and safe during the wintertime. Here are the top three on our list of rapid and easy fixes:

Carbon Monoxide

No matter what type of furnace you have, whether it be a standard or high-efficiency, furnaces wear out regularly. The most common cause of a worn-out furnace is a cracked heat exchanger. What seems like such a small issue, a cracked heat exchanger can actually lead to a carbon monoxide leak in your home. This is why it is important to purchase and install one, or multiple, carbon monoxide alarms around your house! Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, so a leak is very difficult to detect. Having a carbon monoxide leak in your home can be deadly—avoid one as soon as possible by installing a proper alarm.

Check Your Indoor Vents

When walking around your home, take time to look and see if there is anything blocking the heating vents. Furniture and other items could be keeping your home from staying as warm as you would like. Removing anything from blocking your indoor vents will ultimately save you money. Finally, be sure that they are clean. You can quickly dust your indoor vents to remove any surface debris. Once cleaned, you can place vent filters on top of your vents to help keep out any allergens or pollutants to improve the quality of air that circulates though your home and furnace.

Look for Drafty Windows and Doors

In the wintertime you may notice that your feet get super cold inside your home. This may be because your doors aren’t sealed properly. You can step down and put your hand by the seal of the door to see if cold air is being let in. Similarly, your windows could have the same problem. You can caulk any cracks or install weather stripping to stop your warm air from escaping. Window insulator kits are relatively cheap and will save you a lot of money in the wintertime.