Problems Associated with Having the Wrong Sized Air Conditioning Unit

It’s 90 degrees outside and the summer sun is beaming through the windows of your home. Your air conditioning unit isn’t working as well as it should, even though it is brand new…Without a proper working ac, you resort to sitting near a fan and drinking ice water just to be comfortable. Your two children come in from the back yard for a break of playing but don’t stay for long because it’s hotter to be inside than outside.

For many Americans, this is a major problem associated with having the wrong sized ac unit. Don’t suffer though the unbearable heat. Call Schomers for air conditioning service in Lafayette, IN.

Here are some other common problems with having the wrong sized air conditioning unit:

Problems with an Oversized Air Conditioner

  1. It decreases the life of your air conditioning unit

    When an air conditioner is too large for a home it only has to turn on for a short amount of time to cool the space to the proper temperature. This is actually very bad for your ac because the more often it has to turn on and off, the more wear and tear on your unit. If this happens you may find yourself having to replace it much sooner than expected.

  2. Your dehumidifier won’t work properly

    If the heat didn’t make things bad enough, humidity will make things even more uncomfortable. Most air conditioners have a built-in dehumidifier that uses an evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is cooler than the dew point so when air passes over it the water vapor condenses. The water droplets will sit on the coil until enough condensation builds up to cause it to drip into the pan below. When you have short run times because of an oversized ac, the water vapor will evaporate back into the air of your home before it can be dispelled. This makes your dehumidifier essentially useless.

  3. Cost

    There is somewhat of a disagreement among professionals on whether or not ac size affects utility prices. While there may only be a small difference in your bill, buying a smaller unit to begin with will certainly have a lower upfront cost than an oversized air conditioner unit. Another thing to consider is the cost of repairs. As mentioned earlier, when an ac is too large for the home it is more prone to wear out and break because of constant cycling.

Problems with an Undersized Air Conditioner

  1.  Your home is never fully cooled

    Your poor air conditioner is just like the little engine that could. It’s working and trying as hard as it can but it simply doesn’t have enough oomph to cool your home properly. You may notice that your house is slightly cooler than the outside, or that parts of your home are cool but others aren’t.

  2. Extra wear and tear 

    One of the telling signs that your ac is too small is that it runs constantly. A properly sized unit will kick on and off periodically to control the temperature. Undersized air conditioners will struggle to ever get the room cool enough and therefore will fail to go through healthy on and off cycles. This extra wear and tear will lessen the life of your ac and cost you more in repairs.

    If you find yourself in this situation, don’t hesitate to call Schomers for air conditioning service in Lafayette, IN. (765) 447-4014