We make your home or business more comfortable and more energy efficient with furnace installation and repair.

Heating Services: Furnace and Heater Repair in Lafayette

Our company offers system evaluation, design, repair, maintenance and installation services for home heating and cooling. We make your home or business more comfortable and more energy efficient with furnace installation and heating repair. Not sure how to effectively heat your space? There are many options to choose from that will keep you comfortable and efficient. We install electric furnaces, gas furnaces, geothermal, hybrid heating or heat pumps. The most common manner to heat your home or business is through a standard gas furnace. These furnaces vary, and other options may be best suited for your home. One option to consider is an electric furnace, because it is a great source of heat with a low initial cost. However, it is the costliest to operate. If that doesn’t suit you, heat-pump dual fuel systems can partner with a heat pump and either a gas or electric furnace to form one efficient system. We work with you to discover which furnace is best for your home or office, so you can stay within your budget while receiving the most for your dollar.

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Furnace Repair & Installation in Lafayette, IN

With the weather constantly changing, it’s difficult to predict how your home will react. A small problem that costs a little can easily lead to a problem that costs a lot if not treated properly. This makes hiring a licensed professional necessary. Our staff handles all types of work, but we specialize in basic repairs that aid in your remodeling and overall home improvements.

You want to always be prepared for an urgent situation. We establish a relationship with you, so your worries will not be a factor when things go wrong. You can call our office, explain the situation, and we will send our trained professionals to your home or business to fix the problem before the damage becomes too great.

We value our new and returning clients, so we welcome the opportunity to work with you to build the trust needed for the job. During our visit, we will evaluate your home to make sure you get the furnace repair and installation services you need.

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